The Judges are out and about

The competition entry dates have now passed, and the 9 mystery judges are out and about right now. The judging period started on the 8th of July and continues until the 20th. If you have entered the competition this year, your garden could be judged on any day between those dates.

We know that some people look out for the judges and want to tell them all about their garden. Please do understand that the judges have to take a balanced view across a whole category of gardens, so unless they have the opportunity to talk to every garden owner or gardener in that category, the judges sometimes prefer to keep their conversations to a minimum, just to be fair to all entrants.

Once your entry has been judged you’ll know this has happened because the judge will leave a “You’ve been judged” postcard at your property, then you can relax!

Once the judges have completed their work, around the second week of August, a short list of finalists will be announce. If you make it on to the finalists list that means that you’ve either won “highly commended”, “Runner up” or “Overall class winner” and you’ll be invited to the awards ceremony with Alan Titchmarsh on the 21st of September (11am – 1pm). The location will be announced shortly, but we can tell you it will be a central Island location, handy for everyone.

If you really do need to know the day that your judges visit is taking place, we will try to find out for you, but please be aware that there are over 125 gardens to judge, and it’s sometimes therefore quite difficult to be precise about the day and the time of a specific visit. Even so, if you really do need to know, then please email and we’ll ask the right category judge  if they have any idea of when they are planning to visit you.

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